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Brine Shrimp Feeder

A great "seahorse feeder."


Designed by a Renowned Aquarist

This new and innovative "Brine Shrimp Feeder," designed by marine aquarist Paul Baldassano, provides slow-feeding fish (such as seahorses and cowfish) with an extended supply of live adult brine shrimp. (Read the BSD Library article by Paul Baldassano.)

This device (also known as the "Seahorse Feeder") is a 11/4" x 6" screened cylinder that sits on the tank bottom or suspended in the water column. The screen size is small enough to keep the adult brine shrimp from escaping, but large enough for the fish to suck the shrimp out. This feeder also works with other selective feeders such as copperband butterflyfish, long-nosed butterflyfish, and pipefish, as well as a variety of seahorse species.




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