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Artemia Hatching/Incubator Kit

Artemia Hatching/Incubator Kit

A simple yet ingenious solution.


Ideal for Medium to Large Brine Shrimp Hatching Requirements

Here is a time-tested and efficient means to produce large numbers of brine shrimp nauplii.

Brine Shrimp Hatching Kit and Incubator

The Artemia Incubator is affordable and easy to use. The components are simple, yet ingenious.

Here are the main advantages of the Artemia Incubator:

  1. Conical design keeps cysts in suspension for maximum hatch-out.
  2. Harvest port is ideally positioned to minimize the transfer of unwanted shells and unhatched eggs.
  3. Kit comes complete — all you provide is the aerator, eggs, and saltwater. No unwieldy soda bottles required!

Contents of Kit

  • 1 Incubator bottle
  • 1 threaded cap with air hose and adapter
  • 1 stopper for air outlet
  • 1 cup (base)


This kit is incredibly easy to use. See the diagram and instructions below.

Step by Step Hatching Illustration

  1. Place bottle in the upright position. Make sure that stopper is attached to the drain outlet. Measure out 1 gram (approx. 1/2 teaspoon) of brine shrimp eggs and place in bottle. A piece of weighing paper or plain paper is helpful to funnel eggs into the bottle and not onto the floor!
  2. Add saltwater to the indicator line — about 1 liter. To make saltwater, mix tap water with salt to 25 parts per thousand (ppt) or 1.018 specific gravity. Use marine salt, solar salt, or baker's salt (12/3 tablespoons of salt makes 1 liter of solution).
  3. Attach the threaded cap with attached airline to the bottle and thread the airline through the hole in the cup. Place cup over the neck of the bottle and turn the bottle over using the cup as a base. Hold the airline aloft to prevent water from escaping.
  4. Open the drain outlet stopper to vent air. Attach the airline to an aerator positioned above the water line in the bottle in order to prevent escape of water when the aerator is shut off.
  5. For best results, incubator should be placed in a warm (78°-82°F) and well-lit area. After 18-36 hours, the majority of eggs will have hatched. Turn off aerator. Attach a length of air tubing to the drain outlet. Invert bottle and place the air tubing attached to drain outlet under rubber band to prevent water from escaping. Remove screw cap.
  6. Let the bottle stand for about five minutes to allow any unhatched eggs to sink to the bottom. After five minutes remove air tubing from under rubber band and direct most — not all — of the contents of bottle into shallow dish. The hatched nauplii (baby brine shrimp) separate from unhatched eggs, and the shell is left on the inside walls of the bottle or left floating on the surface of the water.

The nauplii are ready to feed to your fish!

A small amount of chlorine should be used in solution to disinfect all components of the kit between use. Rinse well.

As always, BSD recommends that you buy eggs that have been recently tested for quality and that are always guaranteed.

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