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Instant marine algae concentrate from Reed Mariculture.


Isochrysis Algae Paste

"Grade A" Natural Feed

Isochrysis is a small golden-brown flagellate commonly used in the aquaculture industry. It is high in DHA and often used to enrich zooplankton such as rotifers or artemia. Isochrysis is a primary algae found in shellfish hatcheries and in some shrimp hatcheries.

Marine microalgae has long been considered the most nutritious feed for saltwater invertebrates and filter-feeders. Brine Shrimp Direct takes pride in being the official online distributor for Reed Mariculture's Instant Marine Algae concentrates.

Our Instant Algae products are cultured in closed-system photobioreactors using state-of-the-art control systems to monitor the essential growing parameters. This results in a pure, non-contaminated, high-quality product at an affordable price. Don't miss our article on the benefits and usage of microalgae in reef tanks.

These microalgae pastes contain a food-grade cryopreservative to prevent freezing and lysing of the algae cells when kept below freezing temperatures. Therefore, the paste remains liquid when frozen and can be kept for several months without losing its nutritional value.

Note: Store unused algae paste in the freezer.

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